Marianne Baer

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011
Marianne Baer

Marianne Baer

Drawn specifically to clay, even as a child, Marianne Baer was encouraged to “go for it” in the art world and is thrilled that is just what she is still doing now. She continues to pursue many venues in CA. Things like architectural intallations, fireplaces and floors and mosaics.
She spends most of her time making her two main bodies of work; function black and white pieces and her carved and hand-colored sculptural pieces.Marianne produces her artwork and teaches small class in her spacious home studio in st. Louis, MO. Her husband, two daughters and dogs keeps her busy when she is not doing clay.
Selling her pieces through juried art fairs across the country, she  gets to meet her customers to get direct feedback about her work. Because she has a limited production capacity, she does only a limited number of shows a year. Marianne sells in a few select galleries and has a ‘Home Show’ once a year.


Having seen the evolution of

Having seen the evolution of Marianne's work since college, the current pieces are no surprise. Texture, texture, texture, black and white = that's Mare! Great work! Nancy